Sunday, March 8, 2009

Braden's 3rd Birthday Party

It's so hard to believe that my first baby is 3 already!!

Braden loves being the center of attention, so he really enjoyed when we all sang happy birthday to him.
Papa Larsen was a big help with the kids. Look at Sienna pigging out on her cupcake. Sooo cute.

The Dahm family came to celebrate with us. Here is Braden with Mia.

Our friends Jeremy, Shannon and Riley Miller.

It was so great to have Heather and Jackson here!

The kids cousin's Logan and Reannan with Braden and Harrison hanging out with Papa playing Wack A Mole.

Uncle Brian help Logan get some air and make a basket.

Pics on Braden's actual Birthday

Here are a few pics from Braden's actual birthday January 22nd, 2008.  Aunt Bina(Christina) and Harrison came from Phoenix and Heather and Jackson came from San Fran to celebrate his special day.  We took the kids to a great park to play then to Red Robin for dinner.  

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The "Great Snow Storm" 08

Around the Holidays Portland got records amounts of snow over the span of a few weeks.  It was beautiful, but after being stuck in our homes for weeks we were kind of happy to see it go.  We did try and enjoy it while it lasted.  The kids had a great time right in our back yard and neighborhood since we got about two feet of snow in our area.  The roads were pretty bad, so thank goodness we could walk to a grocery store and more importantly Starbucks!!  

Our neighborhood...
Mommy and Sienna happy about being warm at Starbucks!!

Cheers!  Here we are at Starbucks enjoying coffee and hot chocolate.  

Hot Chocolate makes Sienna happy!!

more snow pics...

Our backyard....
Braden and I tried to make a snow man, but the snow was too powdery.  So, we just made a very short one.  It was fun anyway.  
This is behind the homes in our neighborhood.  Kids would come here to sled down this hill.  This day it was snowing too hard and again the snow was too powdery and wasn't packed enough.  Here is Braden trying to make a snow ball to throw at me. 

Christmas 08

Here are a few pics from Christmas at home in Sherwood.   It was so nice not to have to worry about traveling this year!! We braved the snow and crazy roads for Christmas Eve service then it was home to put the kids down to sleep, so Santa could come.  Papa Larsen drove up to spend Christmas day with us.  The last pic is of us just hanging out watching Braden make some baskets with his new basket ball set.  We had a very special Christmas with our little family!!

Thanksgiving 08

We spent Thanksgiving in Florida enjoying spending time with Grandma Joyce, Charlie, Aunt Angie and Elana.  It was so exciting for the kids because Grandma surprised them with an early Christmas.  They looked so darn cute in their new Christmas outfits!  We didn't do a whole lot while in Fla, but we did take a trip to Gatorland.  The kids loved it!  Also, on our last day we went to breakfast at the Old Mill restaurant in DeLeon Springs and then to Daytona to let the kids play on the beach.