Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Day

Here are some pics from Christmas day.  Even though the kids were sick, they had a great time and made the day really special.  We decided not to travel this year, so we just stayed home and enjoyed our family time.  

Sienna finally got her chance to play with the race track all by her self

Braden was hard at play, so it was a miracle that I held him long enough to get a picture
Christmas dinner with the family.  Yes, we were all still in our pjs.  We were all pretty sick over the Holidays, so I was happy to have us to be able sit down for dinner together.
Sienna's first Christmas ornament
My Christmas present from Braden that he made at Ms. Sarah's
Another Christmas art project that Bra made for the tree at Ms. Sarah's
Had to throw this pic in.  So cute...helping mom do the dishes

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve in Eugene at Brian's dad home (Braden calls him Papa) with most of the Larsen clan.  Then we headed over to Brian's mom home before heading back to our home to go to sleep and wait for Santa.

Sienna was fascinated with the tree.  She loved trying to get the ornaments off, so we had to move most of them higher on the tree.
Our little man posing in front of the tree.  He is getting so big!
Our tree.  It turned out to be very nice...even after it fell at 3 AM one morning.  We had to decorate it twice.  

Cute Pics of Sienna in her Polka dot outfit

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Misc pics of kids

Sienna has learned how to climb the stairs.  She is a mover and a shaker and is into everything and all over the house.  She love to explore and tries to keep up with her brother.
Braden's favorite meal...."sketty" as he would say.
This was his early Christmas present from Aunt Angie.  He was all set to build something.  The only problem was his hat kept sliding off.  Guess that means he doesn't have dad's big noggen.  
Trying hard to keep up with big bro.

Trip to pick out our perfect tree at Hagg's Tree Farm

It seems to have become a tradition for us to head out to Hagg's Tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree.  It's a family run tree farm that has been around since the 50's.  You can either cut down your own tree or just pick one out and they cut and wrap it for you, we chose the latter.  Braden had a great time running through the trees and helping us pick on the perfect one.  Sienna slept through the whole thing.  After picking out our tree we headed into the barn where they set up a Christmas store and have petting animals.  Oh yeah and Santa was there too.

Braden doesn't dig Santa much.  This was as close as he would come to him after Santa bribed him with a candy cane.

These goats were crazy.  They acted like they haven't been fed in ages.  Braden was scared of them and so was I!

Thanksgiving at Papa Larsen's

We spent Thanksgiving at Brian's dad Ron's home (papa as Braden would say).   Here is Sienna with Ron's mom Madge

I'm turning into a pretty good cook if I say so myself.  I guess that is what happens when you become and mom and need to feed your family.  For Thanksgiving I made mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and a pecan cheesecake.  Here I am helping Ron out with the loads of dishes.

The day after we hung out with Papa Ron watching football all day while Brian played golf with his brother Ro.  Braden sure loves his Papa.  Here they are watching football.

Hilary's baby shower and arrival of Logan

Hilary is Brian's only sister.  She is the only girl out of a family of 5.  Needless to say that this birth is very special.  Little Logan Toshia Young was born on December 5th, 8 lbs 7 oz.  Hilary is doing great.  She is a natural.  Logan is a great baby and sooo beautiful.