Monday, October 20, 2008

Trip to Lee Farm's for our Pumpkins

This was our first year going to Lee Farm and it will definitely be an annual event.  They had so much for the kids to do from pony rides to a petting zoo, a hay maze, a hay ride and even some fair rides.  And of course the kids picked out two  perfect pumpkins.  We had a great time.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aunt Christina and Harrison came to visit Sept 08

During their visit we took Sienna and Harrison to the Children's Museum then for a walk along the water front(Braden was in Eugene with Dad for the Duck game).  Then we ended the day at The Screen Door in E. Portland for some good ol SouthernFood.  What a perfect ending to a great day!
Playing some sweet music for mom.

more pics of Christina and Harrison's visit

The kids playing in the backyard.  
In the Dig at the Children's Museum
Sienna tried so hard to get into water and ended up in this bucket.
 I think the favorite part of the Museum was the water area.  Kids do love water.  

Like Father like son

Braden wanted me to leave him alone to go potty and when I went in to check on him I found him like this.  When I asked him what he was doing he said, "I'm just reading".  Thank goodness I was able to catch this in a photo.  I laughed so hard!

My boys resting on the couch.

Mom and Braden's date night to the Circus

Aug and Sep 08 pics of the kids

The kids with the new pup Coco
Go Noles!  So funny, looks like Sienna is about to do the Seminole chop.
Brian and Braden at the Duck Game.  They spent a couple boys weekends going  down for the games.  Braden loves going to the Duck Games spending time with dad and papa.  He's really good at chanting "Go Ducks Go".
While the boys were away Sienna and I enjoyed some girl time.  We went shopping and spent the day downtown Portland watching the Dragon Boat races and enjoying the gorgeous weather.